Taqueria Los Grandes

Written By: Aaron Morris - Apr• 15•14

It’s a bit of a drive, but we discovered a little hole in the wall place deep inside Santa Ana, at 1736 W. Fifth Street.  Taqueria Los Grandes is not much bigger than a Taco Bell, and like a Taco Bell you order the food at the counter and pick it up when called.  In other words, not an upscale place.  Indeed, we went there on a recommendation, but based on the way my car’s navigation system steered us there, I thought I must have entered the address wrong because we were in a residential neighborhood.  But as I peeked around the front of a building facing Fifth Street, it turned out to be the restaurant.

We picked some things at random, and sat down to wait for our food, a bit skeptical that this would be worth the drive.  That skepticism continued even as we picked up the food.  The portions were large, always a bonus, but the presentation wasn’t much.  Both orders came in those aluminum foil containers and, oddly, the napkins were from Bagel Me.

But the food was insanely good.  My nachos were fantastic, with a large quantity of beef on top.  My cohort ordered the carne asada burritos, which were served with Mexican rice.  She insisted that I take a bite of the rice, which looked like plain old Mexican rice to me.  Again, the taste was amazing, and she explained that was only the second time in her life that she had experienced authenticate Mexican rice at a restaurant, all other instances having come from home cooking.  It was almost comical that such fantastic tastes could be coming from what was sitting in those unassuming aluminum containers.  This is no Taco Bell.

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Taqueria Los Grandes
1736 W. Fifth Street
Santa Ana, CA 

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